Fundraising Appeal for Sudan & South Sudan 蘇丹籌款呼籲

posted Jun 30, 2016, 12:43 AM by Don Bosco   [ updated Jul 14, 2016, 3:04 PM ]
Dear fellow alumni:
With the kind permission of the Board of Directors of Don Bosco Alumni Association (BC) Canada:


Once again I am writing to you to appeal for donation to support the work of the Salesian fathers and Salesian sisters in Sudan and South Sudan.  At times I do regret that I have to be the messenger to bring this piece of disheartening message to you: the painful work the Salesian fathers and Salesian sisters has to continue as peace and prosperity is unlikely to come to Sudan and South Sudan anytime soon.


Yet your heart-warming responses to my fundraising appeals in the past tell me loud and clear that you are very supportive of the work the Salesian fathers and Salesian sisters are doing there. I am, therefore, hopeful that my fundraising appeal to you will receive your enthusiastic support again this year.


Last year we collected over $5,000 to support the work of the Salesian sisters in Gumbo, South Sudan, and we received a letter of appreciation wherein they detailed the good work they were doing there (copy attached herewith).  The sad fact is the charitable organizations working in Sudan and South Sudan don’t get a lot of publicity on the good deeds they are doing there. Ask yourselves, how often do you see fundraising ads on TV appealing for Sudan and South Sudan? I haven’t seen a single one myself!


Recently, we received an update from Fr. Paulraj in Khartoum, Sudan on the work of the Salesian fathers there. ( ).  Please be reminded that Sudan is an Islamic country and the government there is not very friendly towards organizations of other religions. In spite of the brave smiles they are showing in the photos, the Salesian fathers in Khartoum are actually operating under extremely challenging conditions. 


(Note: There was only one “Sudan” prior to July 2011. Since then it has divided into two parts. The northern part retained the name “Sudan” while the southern part is now known as “South Sudan”.  Khartoum, where Fr. Paulraj is working is in northern “Sudan” and it is an Islamic state. Gumbo, where the Salesian sisters are operating is in “South Sudan” where there is more religious freedom. Both countries are , however, among the poorest countries in the world according to UN.)


As outlined in Fr. Paulraj’s letter, they are trying to perpetuate the spirit of Don Bosco by converting the young kids roughen by war-torn childhood into useful and able bodies for society in future through the various training courses offered by their VTCs (Vocational Training Centres). It is the proven formula used by Saint Don Bosco to try to change the world one child at a time. Since the Salesian fathers are not getting help from the Islamic government of Sudan, the only way they could continue their good work would be the unrelenting supports from sources outside of the country. While the financial support we could offer them is limited, it is still very important to them.


Making a donation to support the work of the Salesian fathers and Salesian sisters in Sudan and South Sudan is easy and here are the most common ways:


1)      Using Credit Card: All you need is a quick phone call to me (Peter Leung: 604-306-3888) and it would take just a minute of your time, or


2)      Donation by cheque: please make your cheque payable to “Don Bosco Mission Office” and have it mailed to me (Mr. Peter Leung, 12207 Parktree Cr., Surrey, BC V3X 1Z9), or


3)      Interac e-Transfer: If you have an online banking account, most likely you can  transfer your donation to me directly from your bank account using this facility. Most banks do provide this service but some would charge a small handling fee, say $1.50 or so, or


4)      Other means: Just give me a phone call (Peter Leung: 604-306-3888). I shall be most happy to work it out with you.


Last but not the least, you donation to Sudan and South Sudan is tax-deductible. You will get a receipt from Don Bosco Mission Office for this purpose.


Yours sincerely

Don Bosco Alumni Association (BC) Canada

Peter Leung, Fundraising Coordinator

Phone: 604-306-3888


Thank you letter from Sr. Candide Asselin