Don Bosco Mission Office visit 參觀滿地可鮑思高傳教處

posted Sep 14, 2016, 5:22 PM by Don Bosco

For many years, our association has run fund raisings for the Don Bosco Mission Office(DBMO) to support Salesian missions in South Sudan, Nepal earthquake relieve and many other places, ever wonder what the DBMO looks like and want to meet the wonderful people running the place?

In early August, our director Joseph went to Montreal and visited the Don Bosco Mission Office at 305-11991 Av. Pierre-Baillargeon, Montréal, Quebec

1. The Don Bosco Centre sign facing the street

2. The Don Bosco Centre entrance 

3. Cross and pictures on the stairs

4. 3rd floor unit 305 is the Don Bosco Mission Office  

5. Don Bosco Mission Office souvenir store

6. Inside of the Don Bosco Mission Office  

7. Joseph was received by Ms. Sandra Lamberti, the Financial Administrator of the office

8. Joseph received an Ever Lasting Gift from the Don Bosco Mission Office!

9. Joseph family's Ever Lasting Gift!

10. DBMO brochure, read it to find out how to get your Ever Lasting Gift!