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2020 South Sudan Fund Raising Campaign Updates

posted Oct 16, 2020, 1:29 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 20, 2020, 1:31 PM ]

Dear brothers and sisters in Don Bosco Alumni Association:

Have you forgotten me!?!?!? No problem!

But you can’t forget Saint John Bosco and the Salesians – those in South Sudan particularly.  Due to the pandemic, we have been chained to our lovely homes and life is so boring making you a bit forgetful. If you are sorry for the dilemma you are in, please look at them. You have helped them last year and years before so why not in 2020? It is never too late so please get up from your sofa chair and write a cheque or contact me to charge it to your “Gold Credit Card”, BTW, you’ll some points too, right!

We are the blessed ones but this is not so in South Sudan. The Salesians are working so hard year after year over there in order to provide daily basic items to them. Please give!

Please mail me your cheque or for credit card, just provide your phone number and I shall call you for card info. Make cheques payable to:

Don Bosco Mission and mail to:

John Luk, Apt 310 – 14993 - 101A Ave., Surrey, BC. V3R 0T1.

In closing, we should be proud of our continuous support over the past years and I hope the following quote can inspire you doing this again.

If you have any question and issue, please contact me!

St. John Bosco, pray for us!


John Luk


A priest who sacrificed everything for South Sudan 將一生獻給南蘇丹的李泰锡神父

posted Mar 8, 2019, 6:20 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Apr 8, 2019, 10:33 PM ]

Father John Lee, S.D.B., a Korean Salesian of many talents who committed himself to the people in the Sudanese village of Tonj, where they used to call him Father Jolly. He died of colon cancer at the age of 48, nevertheless he showed how to be a hope for the others.

Father Lee Tae-Seok (李泰锡) sacrificed everything in Africa's Sudan. His last gift was the touching human documentary "Don't Cry for Me Sudan". In February 2010, a small village called Tonj in South Sudan. A brass band of Tonj marches through the village. The boys in the front were holding the picture of a man. They are crying for Father Jolly, who was the father of Tonj, a doctor, a teacher, a conductor, and an architect. 

Fr. Lee was a Catholic priest and medical doctor who started a clinic to help patients with Hansen's disease (leprosy) and war-torn victims in southern Sudan. He also began a school and taught music, remarkably creating a brass band. Fr Lee had worked tirelessly for nine years as part of the Salesian mission in war-ravaged southern Sudan. 

Late Father Lee visited a small village named Tonj in South Sudan, which was called the worst hellhole among the international aid workers. Sudan became independent from Egypt and Britain in 1956, yet suffered 17 years of civil war and subsequent conflicts between the North and the South. Father Lee devoted himself to healing the wounded body and soul of the people in Tonj.

He gave musical instruments and taught music to children who had been scarred by the war and forced out to battlefield with guns as big as their body. 

Father Lee originally graduated from medical school to be a doctor. He was the pride and joy of a large family with a mother who worked as a seamstress in the market while raising her ten children. Despite his mother’s opposition, he became a priest and voluntarily left for Sudan. South Sudan was a dangerous place, being in the middle of a civil war, with very little missionary volunteers. For the villagers suffering from poverty, hunger, injury, illness, and loss of hope, Father Lee gave them not only his medical skills but also art and a warm heart.
As he was the only doctor in Tonj, three hundred patients came to see him daily. Some would walk more than 100 kilometers and knock on his door at night. Lacking space, Father Lee built a hospital with self-made bricks. Lacking electricity, he used solar energy to run a refrigerator to store vaccines which otherwise would have spoiled in the hot weather. Father Lee also built and managed a school for the 11 grades of elementary, middle, and high school, and himself taught mathematics and music. The children of Tonj found great hope at the school.
A true missionary, Father Lee once said: “Because of the extreme poverty, I had planned many things in the beginning. But I realized over time that being with them was the most important thing. I wanted to be with them, no matter what obstacle.”

Father John was born into a poor Catholic family in 1962, the ninth of ten children – another of whom has also been ordained. John’s father died when he was aged nine. After his father’s death John’s mother brought up the family by herself, counting the pennies earned from her work as a seamstress. His mother encouraged him to study medicine. On qualifying, he practiced as a surgeon in the Korean army but repeatedly he felt the call to be a priest. 

John joined the Salesians. He was asked many times why and what attracted him to the Salesians? He said he was “fascinated by their music and sport as well as their loving, spontaneous, free and family style of relating”. 
While searching for the best way to be a doctor and priest, he went to Rome in 1997 and happened to meet a few missionaries from Kenya and Tanzania. He went to Africa with them and stayed a short while in Tonj, southern Sudan, where he visited an impoverished village of a Dinka sub-tribe and a colony of Hansen’s disease patients. 

It was the first time he had been in a colony of lepers – men and women with Hansen’s disease. He was so disturbed by the rotting limbs and squalor that in a state of shock he went off into the bush to get the disturbing encounter out of his sight and mind. The Salesians working there did not expect to see the young army doctor again.

They were wrong.To their surprise Fr John wrote to them after his ordination in June 2001 to say that he would be coming soon. He explained that working among the lepers would be “the best way to be a doctor, priest and Salesian”. He always remembered what Jesus said “whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”and behave like it.

The memory of the lepers never left him and in 2001 he announced that he would “be a better missionary among the lepers than anywhere else.” Arriving at a place called Tonj, Father John began the arduous task of erecting a medical clinic. Using the same hands that would treat 300 patients daily, he personally constructed the building to which desperate Sudanese would bring their illnesses. In his jeep he went out searching for the lepers.
After the clinic came classrooms for a school and other facilities. In the absence of anyone else to do it he would teach the children maths and music. A gifted musician, Father John persuaded Korean friends to send a crate-load of instruments and uniforms and he founded and trained the Don Bosco Brass Band. Fr John passed on his love of music to the youngsters he taught. The children said that they wanted to melt guns and knives into clarinets and trumpets. The Don Bosco Brass Band is now the most famous music group in southern Sudan. 

On his deathbed, Fr Lee invoked the figure of St John Bosco, then he awoke and said: “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be all right.” He was referring to Sudan. Perhaps he sensed that the south was on the verge of a historic breakthrough. This January, almost exactly a year after Fr Lee’s death, the southern Sudanese voted for independence. Some believe that Fr Lee may have had an intercessory role in this. At his funeral, Fr Farrington Ryan, the Salesian delegate to Sudan, gave a speech asking Fr Lee to “implore the good Lord to give us peace in Sudan”. 

This, however, was not the end of the story.

The film-maker, Koo Soo-Hwan, returned to Sudan and interviewed many of the families of the Dinka warriors whose lives had been so profoundly touched by Father John’s humanitarian work. The film that emerged was “Don’t Cry For Me Sudan” – taking its title from the Dinka boys who weep as they carry a picture of “Father Jolly” through the village of Tonj as they hold their own funeral in his memory. They are members of Father John’s brass band. Not much given to public displays of emotion these young people and their families are tearful as they describe the acute loss they experienced in learning that their priest and doctor would not be returning to them. A copy of the Korean movie has now been made with English subtitles and can be seen below. If you want your own copy, please let us know!

Don't cry for me Sudan from Missioni D. Bosco ONLUS on Vimeo.

Writing courtesy of David Alton, Kim Heung-sook , Mary O'Regan, and Theresa Kim Hwa-young,

圓滿完成! Surrey慈糼會OLGC教堂修女宿舍購買聖像籌款 OLGC Holy Statues Fund Raising

posted Jan 5, 2019, 11:17 AM by Don Bosco   [ updated Jan 16, 2019, 4:54 PM ]

Dear friends:

I thank all of your in your prompt action and generosity toward this project. The target of $700 has been achieved. I have just talked to the church and all the cheques have been received and deposited. In the next week, you should receive a tax receipt from OLGC. As requested, donors remain anonymous to the public.
Again, thank you very much and God bless.


Surrey's Our Lady of Good Counsel parish,is the only Salesian church in BC. The Dormitory of the Salesian Sisters needs two statuses – St. Joseph and Mary Help of Christians. The cost is around C$700. 
Please kindly contribute to accomplish this worthy cause. The Sisters will definitely appreciate effort from our Don Bosco Alumni! 

If you want to help this out, 

1) please writing a cheque:

            To:           Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish
            Remark:  Statues for Sisters

2) mail to: 10460 139 St, Surrey, BC V3T 4L5

3) notify amount to John Luk email: or SMS 604-369-1781

God Bless!

Surrey 的 OLGC 是 BC 省唯一的慈糼會教堂。 慈糼會修女的宿舍需要兩尊聖像- 聖約瑟和聖母進教之佑。 費用約為$700加元。



1) 請填寫支票:

            To:        Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish
            Remark:  Statues for Sisters

2) 郵寄支票至10460 - 139 St,Surrey,BC V3T 4L5

3) 用電郵或短訉 John Luk 電郵  SMS: 604-369-1781


Fr. Joseph & Fr. Dominic celebrate 15th Priesthood Anniversary 慶祝李神父及黃神父晉鐸十五週年

posted Dec 21, 2018, 12:06 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Dec 21, 2018, 12:08 PM ]

2018 冬節同歡聖誕餐舞會 2018 Christmas dance party

posted Nov 19, 2018, 12:34 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Nov 19, 2018, 12:38 PM ]

10 月 28 日 杜港勝主持生活座談分享會 Oct 10 Bosco present Lifestyle and Health Seminar

posted Oct 20, 2018, 11:16 AM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 20, 2018, 11:17 AM ]

為慶祝聖方濟堂 85 週年堂慶,舉辦生活座談分享會。 
內容: 温哥華地產情報和養生分享 
主講者: 電台名咀,地產界翹首- 杜港勝 
時間: 上午 11 時-下午 1 時 
地 點: 天主教聖方濟堂活動中心聖若瑟室 

To celebrate the 85th Anniversary of SFX Parish, a Seminar of Lifestyle Seminar on October 28 2018 (Sunday) will be held 
Topics: Information of Real Estate in Vancouver and Health Sharing 
Speaker: Mr. Bosco Toa 
Time: 11:00 am –1:00 pm 
Venue: SFX PLC St Joseph Room 
Welcome all and Q&A!

10 月 7 號2018 聖方濟堂區百萬行 Oct 7, 2018 SFX Parish Walkathon

posted Oct 2, 2018, 1:39 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 2, 2018, 1:41 PM ]

籌募所得的款項用來幫助償還建聖堂的借貸。捐款 20 元或以上將獲得退稅收據。捐款 150 元將可獲贈聖堂 85 週年禮品。 歡迎信友到教友活動中心贊助神父,修女參與百萬行。
今年百萬行的起步位置在聖堂前的大禮堂, 如天氣許可將改在學校操場開步時間中午十二時三十分完成步行和贊助的善心人士將可享用簡單午膳。同學我們旗幟一同步行。 

The raised funds will be use to reduce the partial church mortgage. The donation over $20 will received a tax receipt. The donation over $150 will have an 85-year Parish anniversary gift. Please support our priests and sisters, by sign up at the PLC. 
The Walkathon assembly will be at the church lobby, or outside the school playground it depends on the weather. The kick off time is 12:30 noon. All walkers, donor is entitled to enjoy a hot meal lunch. Our solidarity members will follow our banner for the walk. 

朱達章神父講座延期 Fr. Chu talk postponed

posted Sep 20, 2018, 4:56 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 7, 2018, 1:07 AM ]






COMPLETED:9月23日張志誠神父訪問溫哥華 Sep 23 Fr. Tcheong visit Vancouver

posted Sep 20, 2018, 4:29 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 2, 2018, 12:24 PM ]

張志誠神父(Fr. Anthony Tcheong Chi Shing) 1939年在澳門出生。在年輕活躍的陳日君修士和貝照良神父,朱懷德神父……等指導下進入了慈幼。他緬懷過去,不勝回味: "感謝耶穌,進教之佑聖母,鮑聖,…………各一眾培育過我的神長和導師,養活過我的眾恩人,伴同我成長的無數同學,與我共同合作過的伙伴,同事,並和我共同成長的學生們。…………讓我們永遠共同誦謝上主的智慧,助佑和救助。"

張志誠神父9月23日下午三時於 Coquitlam Fatima parish 主持主日彌撒。及晚上六時在食為先海觧酒家與本地同學小聚。

COMPLETED: 8月19曰 (Sunday) 梁熾才神父金禧及壽宴

posted Aug 15, 2018, 3:38 PM by Don Bosco   [ updated Oct 7, 2018, 12:59 AM ]


819 (Sunday)於食為先海鮮酒樓,6:30pm與各屆同學相聚,希望各位踴躍出席。

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