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Forum Rules 論壇規則

[一] 嚴禁宣傳,連結其他論壇/討論區或商業網頁
no advertisement, or link to other forums/discussion boards or commercial website
[二] 嚴禁濫發不實帖文
no spamming or post untrue material
[三] 嚴禁發表新帖文不對題
no unrelated to topic posting
[四] 網上言論請保持理性
keep rational reply online
[五] 嚴禁發表不雅言論
no posting indecent contents
[六] 嚴禁盜 link或盜文
no pirated links or articles
[七] 嚴禁公開任何個人或通訊資料
no disclosure of personal/others communications information