About Us 關於我們

Our Mission

To unite the past students of Don Bosco's schools residing in BC, Canada in the spirit of Saint Don Bosco so as to enrich their quality of life socially and spiritually.

Objectives of the Association

The Association was founded in 1985 with the following objects

  • to promote the communication and understanding of the past students of Salesian Schools residing in the Province of British Columbia;
  • to preserve and perpetuate the values and spirit of Don Bosco;
  • to foster, promote and develop citizenship, fellowship and welfare of the members residing in the Province of British Columbia;
  • to establish communication and understanding between the members of the association and members of other communities;
  • to promote, and sponsor educational, cultural, athletic, community, and recreational endeavors of every nature and kind;
  • to acquire, hold and dispose of such real and personal properties for the purposes and benefits of the Association.

The activities of the Association shall be politically non-partisan and shall be chiefly carried on in the Greater Vancouver Area, in the Province of British Columbia.




Certificate of Incorporation

Acknowledgement Letters from Our Senior Salesians

Schools in Our Association: